NEW 2014 Purrfect Pals Calendars!

The 2014 Purrfect Pals Calendar is now available for a donation of only $15.00! You can order your calendar online via PayPal. If you prefer, calendar orders can be placed by calling 360-652-9611 or stopping by our main shelter.


Purrfect Pals T-Shirts!

Show off your love of cats and Purrfect Pals with this fun new shirt! Get one today by making a $15.00 donation (+ $3.00 shipping if you order online). 100% of the proceeds support Purrfect Pals!

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Because every cat matters, rescued is definitely our favorite breed at Purrfect Pals. Show your support for animal rescue and Purrfect Pals with this great shirt! Get one today by making a $15.00 donation (+ $3.00 shipping if you order online). 100% of the proceeds support Purrfect Pals!

These shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton and sizes are unisex. They are similar to our new volunteer shirts, but the back is blank.


Sanctuary Cat Sponsorship Greeting Cards

Purrfect Pals is home to nearly 300 cats who have nowhere else to go.  These are cats who have tested positive for FIV or feline leukemia, cats with behavioral issues, feral cats, geriatric cats, and cats with diabetes or other long-term health issues.  All live in colonies in a clean, comfortable, cat-oriented environment, receiving regular veterinary care.  Your $25 donation pays for a month of care for one of these cats, brightening the holiday season at Purrfect Pals.  Choose the card or cards you'd like, and we'll mail it to you with an included envelope to make a wonderful gift.  Each card tells a little bit about Purrfect Pals and has the cat's story.  Cards for different amounts can also be purchased by contacting directly.

This holiday, you are Tucker's Angel
Tucker came to Purrfect Pals when her owners could no longer keep her. She is a very unique looking cat due to some significant genetic abnormalities but we think she is just purrfect! Because some of her joints are not constructed normally, she is a bit wobbly and has trouble jumping up too high. She doesn’t seem to mind, though, and is an active and playful little girl! Tucker is VERY cuddly and is happiest when sleeping in a lap or on shoulders. Tucker is living in our shelter office while we treat her for a skin disorder and allergies. We hope she will be ready to find a family soon but, until then, we are enjoying her company and “help” around the office.

This holiday, you are Querida's Angel
Querida is a very lucky little girl who was found as an injured stray in Marysville and brought to Purrfect Pals by the kind lady who found her. Querida was in rough shape when she arrived at our clinic. She was infested with fleas, worms and lice and had a scary infected wound on her neck. She was also in need of significant dental work and a blood test showed she is FIV+. We knew this cutie was a fighter, though, so we weren’t willing to give up on her! Don’t tell the other cats in FIV Land, one of our sanctuaries for special kitties, but Querida might just be the cutest cat in there. She loves rolling over for tummy rubs and is often found with her adorable little tongue sticking out.

This holiday, you are Pearl's Angel
Pearl is the self-proclaimed Princess of the Purrfect Pals “Leuki Land” sanctuary for cats and kittens with Feline Leukemia. Now over two years old, Pearl came to Purrfect Pals from another shelter as a tiny kitten. Pearl and her mom, Gideon, live with 12+ other cats and kittens with Leukemia in a large room with an attached outdoor enclosure. On sunny days, Pearl loves to chase bugs (and other cats) out in the yard but is always the first to run inside when she hears visitors. She insists on being picked up and snuggled like a baby. Pearl is a bit on the spoiled rotten side but how can you resist that sweet little face?

Super Trooper
This holiday, you are Super Trooper's Angel
Super Trooper might just be the most photogenic cat in our FIV Land Sanctuary. He always smiles for the camera! Super Trooper is an amazing big guy who was found as a stray near a shopping mall. He was taken to a local shelter with a large abscess on his neck and found to be FIV+. Luckily Purrfect Pals has a dedicated sanctuary, FIV Land, for special kitties like Trooper! We hope to find a loving home for Super Trooper but, until then, he has a warm and happy home here at Purrfect Pals. He spends his days sunning himself in a window or snuggled up in a bed or at the top of a cat tree. He loves visitors, too, so if you’re ever in the area please stop by and visit Super Trooper and his friends at Purrfect Pals!

Elan Charms
This holiday, you are Elan's Angel
Elan was adopted as a kitten from Purrfect Pals in 2005 but recently returned because his family was unable to keep him. He has asthma and some tummy issues that we are still trying to get under control so he is currently living in the Purrfect Pals office. Elan makes the purrfect Office Manager since he enjoys laying on keyboards and paperwork and “snoopervising” our staff and volunteers. He “helps” with projects and provides quality control for any new snacks and toys that arrive at the shelter. Elan is a bit on the…um…big boned side so we had to upgrade to heavy duty cat scratchers and beds in the office. The only thing bigger than Elan’s waistline is his personality and he keeps us entertained every day!

This holiday, you are Arno's Angel
Arno was a VERY shy little kitty when he came to Purrfect Pals in 2006. He never really warmed up to the idea of living with people but he is content living with our founder and caretaker in her bedroom in our shelter. Kathy’s Room is home to ten special kitties who are either too shy to be adopted or in need of hospice care. Kathy doesn’t mind that Arno prefers the company of cats to humans. He keeps his distance from her but happily sleeps in a pile with the other cats in the room. Arno is quite the ladies man and is often seen canoodling with Joanie and Mama Luna!

This holiday, you are Danika's Angel
Sweet little Danika came to Purrfect Pals when she was only one year old. She had been found wandering the streets of Everett and was brought to a local shelter. When a blood test revealed that Danika has Feline Leukemia, they contacted us for help. Our Leuki Land Sanctuary is home to 15+ happy cats and kittens who live in a large, sunny room with an attached outdoor enclosure to play in. Some of these kitties have lived with us for more than seven years and all receive plenty of medical treatment and TLC to keep them feeling great. Danika is a playful and loving girl who enjoys running in the Leuki yard and bouncing from cat tower to cat tower inside. Isn’t she adorable?

Kelly Niagra
This holiday, you are Kelly's Angel
Kelly Niagra is a very outgoing and affectionate eleven year old who was adopted from Purrfect Pals when she was younger. Sadly, she was recently returned to us because her family was no longer able to take care of her. Kelly lives in the Purrfect Pals sanctuary because she has a few quirks. She doesn’t always use a litter box, unfortunately. Also, Kelly has mammary cancer which causes recurring tumors. Because of these behavioral and health challenges, she might not be the easiest kitty for us to place in an adoptive home. Fortunately, Purrfect Pals was designed with special cats like Kelly in mind. We are happy to provide her with a lifelong home and plenty of love for as long as she needs us.

This holiday, you are Jillian's Angel
Jillian has been a resident of our FIV Land sanctuary since 2005. She is an adorable, dainty little thing who looks like she would fit in your pocket. But don’t let her small stature fool you! Most people think that Rock Star, Jillian’s boyfriend, is the Alpha Cat in FIV Land. Our staff and volunteers know the truth, though. Jillian rules them all with an iron fist! Jillian is currently the only girl in FIV Land and is the queen of a kingdom of more than one dozen stubborn males. She keeps them all under control, however, with a bat of her eyelashes or the occasional smack with her paw. Most of the boys are smitten with teeny tiny Jillian, which can lead to some pretty scandalous love triangles. Drama, drama, drama!

This holiday, you are Qubert's Angel

Qubert and his siblings, Quark and Quizard, came to Purrfect Pals after testing positive for Feline Leukemia. They are the youngest kitties in Leuki Land, one of our sanctuaries, and definitely keep the older cats entertained with their antics. Qubert’s hobbies include eating, napping and playing in boxes. He enjoys chasing (and being chased by) the other kitties in Leuki Land and is always the first to test out new toys and cat furniture. Qubert is lucky he’s cute because he’s not the brightest kitty. He’s been known to fall off cat towers while rolling around trying to be adorable. He loves visitors and expects to be held by everyone he meets.

Gracie Cove
This holiday, you are Gracie's Angel

Gracie Cove is a stunning thirteen year old kitty who came to Purrfect Pals in 2010 when her owner moved into assisted living and was unable to take her. She lives in our Rec Room sanctuary because she doesn’t feel the need to consistently use a litter box when living indoors. She isn’t a great candidate for an outdoor home either, though, since she has chronic upper respiratory infections which require frequent vet visits and medication.

This holiday, you are Tom's Angel

Tom is one of our long term residents in Leuki Land, our sanctuary for cats with Feline Leukemia. He joined us in 2005 and is still an active, healthy boy! Tom is not a fan of other male cats but tolerates his roommates. Sometimes he will voice his displeasure by spraying blankets, cat towers and the occasional visitor. Most of the time, he is a friendly, easygoing cat, though, and he is a favorite among staff and volunteers! Tom was not amused by the big red bow we dressed him up in for this photo but we couldn’t resist. Isn’t he handsome? Happy Holidays from Tom and Purrfect Pals!

Happy Birthday!

Gage, a longtime resident of our FIV Land Sanctuary, often forgets that he looks like a Teddy Bear, not a Grizzly. He is a ‘rough and tumble’ boy who loves hunting feather toys and wrestling with his roommates. Gage has a creative strategy for getting himself adopted. He acts like a teddy bear with staff and volunteers at the shelter but the minute prospective families come to visit him, he puts on his Grizzly hat and bites them! Gage seems to know that Purrfect Pals is his forever home, and we’re happy to provide that for him with help from loving supporters like you!