Clinic & Infirmary Rooms

ART_20160819_161602_9487In the early days of Purrfect Pals, all of the medical care for our cats was provided by veterinarians in our community. Cats were transported by volunteers to hospitals in Kenmore, Stanwood, Kirkland and Seattle and we paid for all of the medical services they received. This wasn’t a bad model, but it presented its challenges. The logistics of arranging transportation and the expense of paying outside veterinarians were problematic but the bigger concern was our sanctuary full of long- term residents, most of whom have special needs. These cats require regular medical care for FIV, Leukemia and various acute and chronic illnesses. Relying on community veterinarians for their treatment just wasn’t ideal.

Cali BashfulIn the late 90’s, we built the Purrfect Pals clinic and took a huge leap forward when we hired a full-time Shelter Veterinarian who could provide routine medical care, spay and neuter surgeries, dental cleanings and extractions and other procedures our cats needed to stay healthy.

Today, our Shelter Veterinarian runs a full-service clinic which, with the help of her team of Licensed Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Assistants, treats short and long-term residents at our Arlington sanctuary as well as the cats and kittens in our foster homes and offsite adoption centers around the Puget Sound.

Our Clinic Infirmary is a large room with an attached outdoor enclosure for sunny days.  The cats who live here need to be close to the veterinary staff. They might be recovering from surgery, have a feeding tube or need hospice care.  Some will stay only a few days and then be ready to head out to one of our adoption centers. Many, however, will live their entire lives at Purrfect Pals.

Would you like to become a monthly sponsor for one of the special kitties who live in our Clinic’s Infirmary? Please click the “Sponsor Me” button on their page to set up a automatic monthly donation (or email our Bookkeeper for more information)!

Meet the Cats in Clinic and Infirmary Rooms!