Rec Room

The Purrfect Pals Recreation Room is home to a wonderful, motley assortment of cats. Some of the cats in the Rec Room have behavioral issues that make them poor candidates for adoption, even though the cats themselves may be very sweet.

However, the Rec Room is also home to some very adoptable cats who don’t do well in cages, or were shy when they first arrived at the shelter but have since blossomed.

Other cats in this area have minor issues such as a chronic upper respiratory virus or eye drips, but are still loving cats who deserve a real home.

Would you like to become a monthly sponsor for one of the special kitties who live in our Rec Room?  Please click the “Sponsor Me” button on their page to set up a automatic monthly donation (or email our Accountant for more information)!

Meet the Cats in the Rec Room!