Shelter Offices

046The offices at our Arlington shelter is home to several furry “Office Managers” who enjoy “snoopervising” our staff.  If you’ve ever received a thank you card or newsletter from Purrfect Pals and found bonus cat hair in the envelope, now you know who to thank!

Our office kitties have a variety of special needs including food allergies (they eat prescription food), diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, skin conditions and more.

What they have in common is their love of “helping” by sleeping on paperwork, sharing lunches and making phone calls (by walking on the key pads).

Would you like to sponsor one of the special kitties who live in our Shelter Offices?  Please click the “Sponsor Me” button on their page to set up a automatic monthly donation (or email our Bookkeeper for more information)!

Meet the Cats in our Shelter Offices!