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Purrfect Ending: Meet Carrot and His New Little Sister!

Purrfect Ending: Meet Carrot and His New Little Sister!

What a great update on a recently adopted Purrfect Pals kitty!

“Just wanted to update you on how Carrot (shelter name Barker) is doing. This cat has really been an amazing addition to our life so far. He is such a fantastic cat. We love his constant chattering and the way he loves to bring cat toys to us when he feels he needs to become the center of attention.

Recently, we decided that Carrot would do well with a cat companion at home since we didn’t want him to be lonely when he was home alone. We ended up adopting a black polydactyl kitten from Seattle. Carrot wasn’t sure about how he felt about a his younger sister (Angua) initially, but now he is really enjoying her company.

Each morning they run around the house together and wrestle happily. We are so glad that we decided on a companion for Carrot since he just seems so happy to have her. Of course, there are times where she annoys him by grabbing his tail, but he is quick to put her in her place. Both cats have been thoroughly enjoying our new six foot cat tower and long play sessions with a feather teaser toy.

We are so thankful that Purrfect Pals was able to place Carrot with us. He is a truly wonderful cat to have around. He and Angua have really brightened our lives.

We have made a donation through your Amazon Wishlist to the kittens that come through your shelter as a thank you gift to you.

Thank you so much for helping Carrot on his path to his forever home!

-Nyasha, Kody, Carrot, and Angua”


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