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UPDATED: Tossed Out in a Dumpster, Dakota Got His Wish from Santa!

UPDATED: Tossed Out in a Dumpster, Dakota Got His Wish from Santa!

Dakota and his brother Theo were found (along with their deceased sibling) in a cardboard box in a dumpster in Everett. Fortunately, the kind lady who found them brought them to us for help! They smelled a bit like garbage but had the loudest purrs we’ve heard. How someone could toss them out like trash is beyond us but we were committed to finding them loving homes where they will be treasured! Unfortunately, we had to separate the brothers because Theo wouldn’t stop “nursing” on his brother.

Dakota 3

Kittens are born blind, deaf and mostly helpless, but the one thing they can do for themselves is suck. They latch onto one of their Mama’s nipples and nurse every few hours in those first few weeks as they develop and grow. For the most part, kittens are pretty indiscriminate suckers — some little ones will “nurse” off anything they get their mouths around, which may be a littermate’s belly, limb or nether regions. Kittens separated from Mama too soon may develop this inappropriate suckling behavior, as can orphaned little ones. The act ostensibly offers the kittens a feeling of comfort, as they associate it with feeding from Mama.

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Besides the possible “ick” factor, dry suckling can be detrimental to both the suckler and the sucklee. The unlucky kitten on the receiving end of this inappropriate nursing can develop lesions and other injuries. Dakota learned this the hard way and suffered significant damage to his penis. A small hole developed where it shouldn’t have and bloody urine is dribbling out of it. As a result, he has been straining, has an infection and is a lot of pain. Dakota needs immediate surgery to repair the hole, remove scar tissue and reroute his “plumbing” back to normal. Without surgery, he wouldn’t survive.

Please help us provide surgery and ongoing medical care for this sweet boy who is definitely treasure, not trash, by donating to our Tipper Fund today!


Dakota Post Surgery11/24/2015 Update:

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to help us provide surgery for Dakota the kitten!

We are happy to report that his procedure appears to have been a success and he is now recovering comfortably in his foster home! If sweet little Dakota continues to improve, he should be ready to find a loving home soon! If you interested in meeting him, please contact our Foster Care Manager.


Dakota12/3/2015 Update:

Dakota had his check up today with the veterinarian who performed his surgery last month.

The surgeon was very pleased with all of the progress this little guy has made and declared him ready to be adopted!

If you are interested in potentially adopting Dakota, please contact our Foster Care Manager.


12/24/2015 Update:

Our sweet little survivor, Dakota, got his Christmas wish from Santa a day early! After surviving being tossed in a dumpster and then major surgery, he was adopted today by a wonderful Purrfect Pals volunteer! Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the fund to pay for Dakota’s surgery or shared his story (and to the wonderful family who fostered him!). This little guy is very special to us and we are thrilled that he will be spending the holidays in a loving forever home!