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FIV+ Cat Bebe King Finds the Purrfect Home!

FIV+ Cat Bebe King Finds the Purrfect Home!

At many other shelters, FIV+ cats don’t have a chance. But at Purrfect Pals, we know they can live long, happy lives. Here is a great example! Bebe King is a wonderful FIV+ cat who came to Purrfect Pals when his family had to move and couldn’t take him with. Bebe King found a new home earlier this month, and we received this terrific update:

“‘General Lee’ is his new name and running the house is his new game!

My husband and I look at this kitty every day and wonder how anyone could have given him up, but we are happy he has found his forever home with us. After about two months of losing our beloved cat, we were discussing the idea of adopting an older, house trained cat. We went to another shelter first, and I ended up in tears not finding a cat “good enough” to fill my Lewis’ shoes…errr…. Paws rather!

We stopped by Purrfect Pals to check it out. General was hissing and batting at the other kitties, once we reached for him, he rolled on his back (pill bugging we call it) and his motor started running! We went back the next day to bring him home.

From the 1st night he has slept ether on us, or at our feet in bed. He is still getting used to the insubordinate dog… And trying to militarize the toddler but he’s sure they will be saluting him within the coming weeks!

Here are a few photos of his daily activities. Though most of them are of him sleeping, He still finds time to slide down the hall in his socks (only at 3 AM of course) he is a playful, happy kitty whom just wants love. You would never know this guy was once a cranky kitty at a shelter.”

Way to go, General Lee!

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