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Meet the Fraggles: Fifteen Persians Rescued from Terrible Conditions

Meet the Fraggles: Fifteen Persians Rescued from Terrible Conditions

On April 18th, one of our partner animal shelters contacted us asking for help for a large group of cats who desperately needed second chances. A very sad situation came up in Snohomish County which ended with authorities taking 24 persian cats and 16 dogs from a home where they were being kept in small, filthy cages. The next day, Purrfect Pals took in fifteen of these poor kitties. None were spayed or neutered before going to the shelter so we suspect breeding was involved. The cats are scared to death, covered in sores, horribly matted and suffering from upper respiratory infections among other things. They have a long road to recovery ahead of them but we are determined to provide them with the second chances they so desperately need.

As you can imagine, providing medical treatment, food, litter and other care for fifteen sick and traumatized cats is not going to come cheap. We could really use our community’s help right now. Will you please help us change these precious lives by giving a donation to Purrfect Pals or sharing this story with your friends?

You’ve likely heard us say that “Rescued” is our favorite breed of cat and have seen us encouraging people to adopt, not shop. These persian kitties are the reason why. The cats in these photos are the faces of backyard breeding. Sadly, this cruelty and neglect is not uncommon. Profiting from the sale of kittens born to sick, frightened cats who have spent their entire lives “living” in tiny cages filled with waste is NOT acceptable. Please don’t turn a blind eye to breeding. When you are shopping in a pet store that sells kittens or puppies instead of partnering with animal adoption organizations, please remember these faces. Remember the kitties who have deformities due to irresponsible breeding and can barely breathe. They deserve better… Because Every Cat Matters.

Fraggle Update: April 20, 2018

Extreme Persian Makeover!

This has to be one of the most amazing makeovers we’ve given at Purrfect Pals! Gobo was matted everywhere, including between his toes, and his nails were so long that they had grown into his paw pads. He is going to feel so much better now!

Fraggle Update: May 8, 2018

PERSIAN RESCUE UPDATE! Thanks to our Community’s Support, our 15 Rescued Persians are Feeling Good, Making Friends and Learning to Be Cats!

It’s been just over two weeks since fifteen rescued Persians arrived at Purrfect Pals and they are starting to settle in and get more comfortable! Since only two of the kitties came to us with names and their sweet little faces reminded us of Muppets, we decided to name them after characters from Fraggle Rock.

When they first came to our sanctuary, several of the Fraggles were suffering from upper respiratory infections. Thanks to medication, high-quality food and plenty of rest and relaxation, they are starting to feel better. They are all underweight and the tiniest two, five-year-old best friends Iris Fraggle and Louise Fraggle, weighed less than four pounds. They are starting to gain weight, thankfully!

Because they had lived in cages for so long, the Fraggles were pretty freaked out when they moved into one of our loose cat rooms. A few had some litter box challenges early on but, thanks to Cat Attract litter, they are now thinking inside the box. At first they weren’t quite sure what to do with the many toys we gave them but they’re quickly figuring it out. They are also discovering that being petted is pretty darn awesome!

Two of the Fraggles have gone to stay in foster homes because they were really struggling with all of this change. Their temporary families are already seeing improvement!

We do have at least one Fraggle who needs a major medical procedure. Because of her extremely flat face and tiny nose, Feenie Fraggle is struggling to breathe. She has congenital obstructive upper airway disease, specifically stenotic nares and an elongated soft palate, and needs to visit a veterinary specialist for surgery. Because she isn’t getting enough oxygen, Feenie’s condition is very serious and it is very likely that she wouldn’t live long without surgery.

On a happier note… Last week, most of the Fraggles took a field trip to Woodinville to visit Alex the Cat Groomer for a spa day. They are now feeling and looking so much better! On Friday, six more of the kitties will visit Alex. We are extremely grateful for the time and talent Alex is donating to help them! And thank you to Rachele at Artis Photography for taking spa day photos! Attached are just a few of the pics. Stay tuned for more!

We are hoping that the first of the Fraggles will be ready to start meeting potential adopters in a few weeks. We are looking for patient, Persian savvy families who will give them the time they need to adjust and understand that future medical issues are to be expected. If you think your home might be purrfect for a Fraggle or two, please email us at!

Fraggle Update: May 10, 2018

Hi Persian Lovers! Because of the shape of their mouths and faces, the Fraggles are having a little bit of trouble eating regular kibble. We’re hoping to transition them over to Royal Canin’s Persian dry food, which is designed with their special needs in mind. Its almond-shaped kibble makes it easier for the Persian cat to grasp with the underside of their tongue.

Will you help us out by ordering a bag from our Amazon wish list or sharing this link?

Fraggle Update: May 15, 2018

Feenie Fraggle’s Surgery Went Well!

Because of her extremely flat face and tiny nose, Feenie Fraggle was struggling to breathe when she arrived at Purrfect Pals. She has congenital obstructive upper airway disease, specifically stenotic nares and an elongated soft palate, and needs to visit a veterinary specialist for surgery. Because she isn’t getting enough oxygen, Feenie’s condition was very serious and it was very likely that she wouldn’t live long without surgery.

Thanks to donations from our wonderful donors, Feenie had the much-needed surgery on May 12th and came back to the sanctuary to continue her recovery on May 14th.

Fraggle Update: June 1, 2018

Surgery for Two More Fraggles!

Feenie wasn’t the only Fraggle who needed surgery, unfortunately.

On May 31st, Gettas and Mokey Fraggle had nose and eye surgery to help correct their upper airway and eyelid deformities.

In case you are interested, here is a great article from VCA which explains the reasons Persian cats are prone to upper airway issues.

Fraggle Update: July 1, 2018

“Ringworm” Should Really Be Two Four-Letter Words.

It’s been a long road! Back in May, we were hopeful that they were almost ready to go. Famous last words!

Since they arrived 3 months ago, three of the Fraggles had surgery to open up their airways, one needs to have an eye removed, most were treated for upper respiratory infections and all fifteen ended up having ringworm, likely because of the conditions in their previous home and their compromised immune systems.

Ringworm is difficult and time consuming to treat, especially when you have fifteen cats covered in it! For six weeks, our staff has been medicating, bathing and testing the cats repeatedly. They had to be quarantined because ringworm can be easily spread from cats to people and back again if aren’t careful. In addition to treating the cats, the room has to be deep-cleaned constantly. Fun, fun, fun!

The Fraggles have continued to get friendlier and more confident, though, thanks to socialization from Purrfect Pals staff, volunteers and foster parents.

The first of the Fraggles will be cleared for adoption in the next week. Hooray!

Fraggle Update: July 7, 2018

Best. News. EVER!

Mokey, Gettas and Feenie Fraggle have been declared free of ringworm and were all adopted today!

Gettas and Feenie were adopted together…by a professional cat groomer! How perfect is that?!

Fraggle Update: August 3, 2018

Storyteller Fraggle was Adopted!

Here is an update from her new Dad…

“I was worried she wouldn’t under stand our litter robot cat boxes, and would be anxious about our iRobots. After a full day of having the at her disposal, she didn’t even flinch, she even stood on the Roomba to check it out. She’s the bravest little thing I’ve ever met!

Fraggle Update: August 3, 2018

Granny and Boober Fraggle Were Adopted Together!

They are now settled into their new home and are enjoying a real bed for the first time!

Here is an update from their new Mom…

“They are doing great and are feeling more comfortable each hour!

Boober (I think I’m going to call him “Bubble”) was less shy and explored my room before retiring under the bed. He came out a few times and then spent the night cuddled on the bed next to my feet. Sunday, he came out more often and then curled up next to my head all last night. I didn’t expect a cuddly cat, but this is what I had hoped for!

Granny (I think her nickname will be “Gertie”) hid under the bed Saturday, Saturday night, and most of Sunday. All of a sudden, she decided it was safe and has done a complete turn-around. She jumps up to my hand to be petted, purrs, plays, and also sleeps next to me. She has discovered the cat tree and likes sitting on the top tier. She’s a lot more active and playful then she let on. Complete surprise.

So nice to meet you and I am excited about my two new fur babies!”

Fraggle Update: August 3, 2018

Three More Fraggles are Ready to Be Adopted!

Interested in a Fraggle or two of your very own? Tosh, Dimpley and Gobo (our Extreme Persian Makeover Kitty) have finally recovered from Ringworm and are ready to meet potential adopters at our Arlington Sanctuary and Adoption Center. Stop by and meet them between 10am and 4pm, Tuesday through Saturday!

Want to know more about the Fraggles? Please email our adoption team at

Fraggle Update: August 4, 2018

Well, THAT Didn’t Take Long…

After seeing our post last night, a wonderful family came to meet Gobo, Dimpley and Tosh Fraggle today. They’ve owned persian cats previously and love the breed, quirks and all. They no longer had any kitties at home and came to meet the Fraggles, hoping that one or two would be a good match for them. All three were, though, and it was just too difficult to decide who to leave behind… So they adopted all three!

Our staff and volunteers couldn’t be happier too see these special cats, who have survived so much and blossomed here despite their life of neglect, end up in a home where they will be cherished. We sure hope they will keep us posted with plenty of photos and stories!

Fraggle Update: August 5, 2018

Another Purrfect Ending for our Rescued Persians!

When Wimple Fraggle arrived at Purrfect Pals, he was terrified went into foster care so he could receive extra TLC. He made amazing progress and blossomed into a confident, healthy kitty. By then this foster family was head-over-heels in love with Wimple so they adopted him!

Wimple sent us this update recently, with help from his new Mom:

“Dear Purrrfect Pals,

Thank you so much for being such an important part of my rescue. Because of all your efforts, I am in a home where I am safe and healthy, and most importantly, deeply loved.

I have new brother & sister kitties with whom to play. And I have a Mommy & Daddy who I trust and give me shnuzzles every day. They say I have the power to make the world smile, but I know your work does too.

Thank You for all you do,

A.k.a. Archie
A.k.a. Wimple Fraggle”

Fraggle Update: August 5, 2018

And Then There Were Five!

Ten of our Fraggles have been adopted, leaving only Wembley, Noodlenose, Red, Iris and Louise Fraggle in our care.

Wembley & Noodlenose Fraggle are only a few days away from being declared ringworm-free. They will need another spa day (for haircuts and to get rid of that lovely sulfur smell the anti-fungal shampoo causes) but should be available for adopted after that. Paws crossed!

Red Fraggle is free of ringworm but having surgery today to remove one of her eyes (because of an ulcer that is getting worse). After she has recovered from the enucleation, she will also need grooming to get ready for adoption.

Iris Fraggle is the only persian left with ringworm. Her sister and BFF, Louise Fraggle, is testing negative but we are keeping them together since they are so bonded.

If you are interested in possibly adopting any of them, please email us at so we can keep you updated. Thank you!