Building Plans

Introducing Patty’s House, a Brand New Two-Story, 4000 sqft Building

At Purrfect Pals, we believe that every cat matters and every cat is adoptable…some cats just need a little bit longer than others to find the right home.

We are committed to providing a home here at our Arlington sanctuary for as long as a cat needs one. We can only take in new cats, though, if we have enough space and resources to provide them with high quality care.

Adding this new building (and then repurposing some of our existing rooms) will provide us with enough space for at least 100 more cats at a time. More importantly, it will increase our ability to take in cats from multiple sources and keep them healthy.

The First Floor will include:

  • Space for 35+ more cats
  • Large cat adoption room
  • Four small cat adoption rooms
  • Enclosed patio for cats attached to adoption rooms
  • Separate ventilation in rooms to prevent spread of illness.
  • Expanded reception desk with semi-private area for clients who are surrendering or adopting cats
  • Large waiting area
  • Expanded community pet food bank
  • Two ADA restrooms
  • Private office for management staff (and office cats!)
  • Caretaker residence (existing bedroom will also be re-purposed to hold 10+ cats)

2nd FlThe Second Floor will include:

  • Space for 50+ more cats
  • Four cat holding rooms
  • Office space for bookkeeper and volunteer manager (and office cats!)
  • Separate ventilation in cat rooms to prevent spread of illness
  • Prep area with utility sink and storage for cat food, supplies and laundry
  • Imaging room for X-ray (recently donated!) and ultrasound (which we do not currently have onsite) machines

3D Rendering