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2018 Calendarsbtn_cart_LG

Our 2018 Purrfect Pals wall calendars are now available online and at our Arlington sanctuary!

These 12-month, full-color calendars feature Purrfect Pals sanctuary cats as well as the cats of our supporters who bid at the 2016 Black Cat Ball to have them included.

Get one today for only $15.00 (plus $2.00 shipping)

Chickenwhale (“Hail!“)btn_cart_LG

IMG_0028Made famous by Foster Dad John’s “Critter Room” Livestream Kitten Cam, Chickenwhale (Chickenfish’s big brother) is a fun plush toy/pillow for cats and kittens.

Chickenfish was discontinued by his German manufacturer, Nobby, but thanks to a GoFundMe project organized by kitten cam fans, an exclusive batch of Chickenwhales was created.

Get one today for only $15.00 (+ sales tax and $3.00 shipping for online orders).

2017 Black Cat Ball Poster

Each October, the posters, invitations and auction catalog for our Black Cat Ball Gala feature an original piece by a local artist. Artwork for our 2017 event was provided by Sadie Pie Designs.

Get this stunning poster today by making a $15.00 donation (+ $3.00 shipping). 100% of the proceeds support Purrfect Pals! If you prefer to not order online using PayPal, orders can be placed by calling us at 360-926-8494.


Purrfect Pals T-Shirts



Red Shirt

Our newest shirt, released at the 2016 Average Joe Cat Show, features our favorite breed of cat… RESCUED!

These shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton and sizes are unisex. The back is blank.

Get one today for only $15.00 (+ sales tax and $3.00 shipping for online orders).



Janine Shirt

Our newest shirt features Janine, our favorite one-eyed mama cat from Foster Dad John’s Ghostbusters Fosters.

These shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton and sizes are unisex. The back is blank.

Get one today for only $15.00 (+ sales tax and $3.00 shipping for online orders).


Cat Hair Shirt

If you’re anything like us, your shirt is always covered in cat hair. Now you can wear it with pride!

These shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton and sizes are unisex. The back is blank.

Get one today for only $15.00 (+ sales tax and $3.00 shipping for online orders).

Kittencatmeow shirt


Meow Shirt

Show off your love of cats and Purrfect Pals with this fun shirt!  

These shirts are 100% pre-shrunk cotton and sizes are unisex. The back is blank.

Get one today for only $15.00 (+ sales tax and $3.00 shipping for online orders).

Cat Sponsorship Holiday Cards

Purrfect Pals Cat Sponsorship Holiday Cards are now available online and make the purrfect holiday gift for the cat lover on your shopping list! These beautiful cards each feature the story of one of our special sanctuary cat and include a message letting the recipient know that a $25 donation was made to Purrfect Pals in their honor. 100% of the money raised supports homeless cats and kittens in need.

Cards for different amounts can also be purchased by contacting us at or (360) 926-8494.


Dusk is a very handsome boy (with some of the prettiest eyes we’ve seen!) who was found wandering the streets and taken to one of our local partner shelters. When they discovered he was FIV positive, the shelter asked if we had room in our sanctuary for one more! We sure are glad we did because Dusk is such a sweetheart! He is a very friendly and relaxed fella, and is immediately the best of friends with every person he meets. Our FIV Land Sanctuary was created specifically with kitties like Dusk in mind. Our ultimate goal is to find a family to adopt him but, in the meantime, he is receiving plenty of attention and TLC from our staff and volunteers. FIV Land is filled with a forest of cat trees, piles of toys and lots of comfy beds. It even has a lovely attached catio where Dusk can enjoy fresh air and sunny spots!


David came to Purrfect Pals after he tested positive for Feline Leukemia at one of our partner shelters. He is a very dapper (and photogenic!)seven-year-old black and white tuxedo kitty who couldn’t possibly be any more easy-going. Our Leukemia Land Sanctuary is the purrfect place for David to hang out while he waits for a family to fall in love with him! He now lives with more than a dozen furry roommates in a large room with a huge outdoor enclosure attached. On sunny days, David and his buddies are able to chase bugs (and other cats, of course) out in the yard. In the chilly winter months, they can enjoy their indoor playground with plenty of cat trees, an exercise wheel and friends, both human and feline, to keep them entertained.

Super Trooperbtn_cart_LG

Super Trooper might just be the most photogenic cat in our FIV Land Sanctuary. He always smiles for the camera! Super Trooper is an amazing big guy who was found as a stray near a shopping mall. He was taken to a local shelter with a large abscess on his neck and found to be FIV+. Luckily Purrfect Pals has a dedicated sanctuary, FIV Land, for special kitties like Trooper! We hope to find a loving home for Super Trooper but, until then, he has a warm and happy home here at Purrfect Pals. He spends his days sunning himself in a window or snuggled up in a bed or at the top of a cat tree. He loves visitors, too, so if you’re ever in the area please stop by and visit Super Trooper and his friends at Purrfect Pals!


Deets (aka “Deetles” or “Fatty McButterpants”) came to Purrfect Pals after being surrendered to one of our local partner shelters. He and his brother were spending so much time playing Kitty Fight Club that his owner didn’t feel she could afford any more visits to the vet to patch him up. Deets has allergies which require a special diet and daily medication. He also tends to bite when overstimulated so he’s been waiting a while to find the purrfect family. He likes to pretend to be a tough guy but is really just a big chicken. Part of the problem might also be that Deets thinks he already found the purrfect family: the staff at our sanctuary! He doesn’t understand why he should have to be nice to visitors when he already picked out his people. He has bonded with one employee in particular and insists on being held and cuddled by her constantly. She has had to master the art of one-handed typing since he is often on her shoulder, purring away. When Deets isn’t hard at work managing the office staff, he enjoys snooping, climbing on cat trees, playing with catnip toys (especially his banana!) and hanging out on window sills and computer keyboards.


Ai-Chan is a very sweet and friendly vintage kitty who, sadly, was abandoned at a veterinary clinic. When the staff realized that no one was coming back for her, they contacted Purrfect Pals to ask if we would be willing to find her a good home. We took in this darling little lady, who we estimate is at least fourteen-years-old, and promised to give her everything she could possibly need. Ai-Chan would be a perfect companion for someone who works from home and needs an office kitty. She is a social butterfly with a real knack for charming her way into laps. She is NOT a fan of other cats, however. Health-wise, Ai-Chan is starting to feel her age and is in mid-stage kidney failure. She gets fluids daily to keep her hydrated and spunky. She also needs appetite stimulants from time to time to help her remember to eat. The Purrfect Pals Sanctuary was created with special kitties like Ai-Chan in mind and provides a forever home for them for as long as they need us. She is one very lucky little girl because she lives in Kathy’s Room, the home of our founder and resident caretaker: Kathy Centala. Ai-Chan is able to spend her days “helping” Kathy write thank you notes and sunning herself on the window sill.


Quintin was adopted from Purrfect Pals but recently returned when his owners starting traveling extensively for work. This big, friendly and handsome boy is excited to find a new place to call home but finding the right match might take some time because he has some special medical needs. Quintin suffers from food allergies which can cause itchy and painful dermatitis if he eats something he shouldn’t. He eats a high-quality, hypoallergenic food which keeps his skin healthy and his coat gorgeous! Until we find the right home for Quintin, with a family who understands his special needs and finds him as charming as we do, he will have a loving home here at Purrfect Pals. He is currently keeping himself busy working as an office manager in one of our sanctuary offices. When he isn’t bossing around his staff, he spends the day birdwatching in a sunny window (and keeping our keyboards warm and sufficiently furry).

Mary Meowsie

Mary Meowsie came to Purrfect Pals after ending up in a local shelter. She needed hyperthyroid treatment and was also suffering from painful stomatitis, so Mary lost all of her teeth and now needs regular steroid infections to prevent inflammation. She sure doesn’t let that slow her down, though, and definitely still loves her dry food and treats. Mary has stereotypical “tortitude,” especially when other kitties are around. She just doesn’t understand the appeal of other cats! She has one of the most talkative tails we’ve met and does not hesitate to share her opinion with everyone she meets. Because of her special medical needs and sassy personaiity (she does what she wants, when she wants, if she wants!), it’s taking us longer than normal to find the purrfect home for Mary. In the meantime, she manages the staff in our sanctuary’s offices with an iron paw. When her minions are being too productive, she puts a stop to that and demands an hour or ten of lap time.


Ten-year-old Cromwell came to Purrfect Pals in 2016 after he was found wandering the streets of Snohomish County and brought to a local shelter. He was shy when he arrived but has since realized how nice it is to be pampered and loved, preferably in a lap! He is a quiet boy and can usually be found snoozing by a window in that coveted sunny spot or cuddling up in a cozy bed. Cromwell was diagnosed with diabetes shortly after his arrival and now lives in our Infirmary Sanctuary with other cats who have same special needs he does. A closely monitored diet and insulin injections are part of his daily life but he is easy to medicate and as relaxed as can be. Cromwell hopes someone will look past his medical needs and give him a second chance by adopting him. Until we find that purrfect family, though, Cromwell will have a loving home here at the Purrfect Pals Sanctuary. After all, how could we possibly say no to that sweet little face?

Jungle Tigressbtn_cart_LG

Jungle Tigress was left in a carrier at Purrfect Pals on a very cold, windy and rainy night in 2011. She is a friendly and affectionate kitty but shelter life has been tough for her since other cats make her very nervous. When she feels overwhelmed, Jungle tends to get a little grouchy and nippy. However, we know that once she feels safe and comfortable in a home, she will really blossom! She just needs an understanding owner who will give her plenty of TLC and patience. Because she doesn’t always make the greatest first impressions, and also suffers from inflammatory bowel disease, Jungle Tigress has been waiting to be adopted for more than half her life. We are committed to providing a forever home for her, though, here in our sanctuary for special needs cats. In our eyes, she is just purrfect.


Quizard and her siblings, Quark and Qubert, came to Purrfect Pals as kittens after testing positive for Feline Leukemia. At one time she was the youngest kitty in our Leukemia Land Sanctuary but now she is one of the oldest, mentoring the next generation of kitties. Quizard is affectionately nicknamed “Smudge” because of the adorable splotch of color on her head. She is quite the athlete and loves to run on the cat wheel in Leuki Land. She also enjoys spending the summer months out in the large outdoor enclosure, chasing bugs and lounging in the sun. Quizard is fond of snuggling up in a warm lap and doesn’t even mind laying in your arms on her back. Bring on the belly rubs, she says!

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