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Kittens Like Polar Bear Need our Help…

Kittens Like Polar Bear Need our Help…

Symphony was one of over fifty cats who were abandoned by their owner in a house without food, water, or heat on Christmas Day. Purrfect Pals treated this skinny, terrified girl for an upper respiratory infection and she was placed in a loving foster care home to recover. Symphony then surprised us in the new year by giving birth to two tiny kittens we didn’t even know she was pregnant with: Polar Bear and Sammy!

27277195_lWhen Symphony and her kittens returned to our clinic to be spayed and neutered, we discovered that Polar Bear had undescended testicles and he needed a more complicated abdominal surgery to remove them. But the surprises just kept coming! Dr. Bennett, our shelter’s veterinarian, made a surgical incision and discovered that Polar Bear’s bladder had ruptured and his abdomen was filled with urine. Polar Bear’s ureter had separated from his right kidney. Dr. Bennett was able to reattach his ureter but needed to remove his damaged kidney.

These congenital abnormalities were likely caused by inner breeding in the home from which Symphony was rescued. What started out a routine surgery soon became a critical situation for Polar Bear. Dr. Bennett and our clinic staff worked to save his life and five days later, Polar Bear was reunited with his Mom and sister, and has since been adopted by one of our wonderful employees!

Symphony, Polar Bear and Sammy’s stories ended happily but, sadly, there are still thousands of sick, hungry and scared homeless cats and kittens in the Puget Sound Region who need us.

Our goal is to rescue 30% more kittens in 2016 than we did last year. We can’t do that without your help, though. Please open your heart and wallet today and give as generously as you are able by visiting Together, we can provide the medical care, food and love that these kitties will need…

Because Every Cat and Kitten Matters.