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Will You Help Us Save Duchess?

Will You Help Us Save Duchess?

We Need Your Help to Provide Emergency Medical Care for Duchess, a Mama Cat with Severe Pneumonia and Multiple Broken Ribs.

On Saturday, good samaritans brought Duchess and her four five-week-old kittens to Purrfect Pals. They told our staff that their owner was planning to kill them if no one wanted them so they had agreed to take them and find help. After our team examined them, they realized that something was very wrong with Duchess. She was struggling to breathe and seemed to have trauma to her chest. We took X-Rays and discovered that her lungs looked terrible and she appeared to have multiple badly broken ribs.

We immediately sent Duchess to an emergency veterinary clinic and she was admitted for 24/7 care. For four days now, she has been hospitalized and receiving oxygen therapy, IV fluids and a long list of medications. Long story short, Duchess is in rough shape and has a long road ahead of her. Once her pneumonia begins to improve, then we will be able to address her chest trauma and other medical concerns.

As you can imagine, the bill for the emergency care Duchess has received since Saturday is rapidly growing. Even with the generous discount we receive, we’ve already spent $3,500 and know that is just the beginning. Getting Duchess stable is the first step and then we will need to consult veterinary specialists to determine the best treatment for the broken ribs (which are no longer attached and basically floating around in her chest cavity).

Duchess is one of the nicest cats we’ve met, despite the horrible pain and suffering she has experienced. She didn’t deserve what has happened to her and we are determined to provide the second chance she so desperately needs.

Will you please help us save Duchess by donating toward her care or sharing this link today? 

Any funds raised which exceed the amount needed to treat Duchess (and her kittens, who are now in foster care because she is too sick to take care of them) will be added to our Tipper Fund to help other cats in need of surgery or other major medical care.

DUCHESS UPDATE: July 27, 2018

Thanks to Your Help, Duchess is Already Starting to Feel Better!

Our furry superhero is now back at our sanctuary, where our veterinary clinic staff are continuing the treat her pneumonia. She is still on antibiotics and receiving daily nebulizer treatments but her breathing is already much less labored.

Duchess is starting to get a little bit bored on bed rest but we don’t want her overdoing it too soon. We are optimistic that she will continue to improve, though, and once she kicks the pneumonia we will be able to address her broken ribs.

Duchess’s kittens are also doing well in their foster home and should be available for adoption before long.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your investment in Duchess and Purrfect Pals. We couldn’t do this important work without you and are extremely grateful to have you on our team!

We will send you another update soon to keep you updated on the progress Duchess is making. Stay tuned and thank you again for helping us save her!