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Meet Myla and Ali: Special Sisters Looking for a Home Together

Meet Myla and Ali: Special Sisters Looking for a Home Together

Myla and Ali are two special girls in search of a special home. They are the best of friends so we are looking for a family with room in their home and hearts for them both. The girls have a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia which affects the part of their brain which controls motor function. They are more wobbly than typical kittens but don’t seem to notice that they are different. They will, however, do best in a home with carpet (or plenty of rugs) since they are more likely to slip and slide on bare floors.

Myla and Ali have never met a stranger and a new place means something new to explore! These happy kittens may not be as fast as other kittens, but they are probably more outgoing and curious than most. They are incredibly lovable, playful kittens that have charmed everyone they have met. The size of a house would not be a concern for these girls though they may be limited somewhat by stairs – something that they would need to learn to navigate. They are food motivated and have excellent litter box habits.

Myla has been described as an angel dressed as a kitten. She loves to give love and when she is ready to relax and is happy to knead, purr and sleep in your arms as long as you will let her, but beyond an exuberant greeting at the door, Myla doesn’t demand excessive attention. This kitten will also keep you on your toes with her determination to explore and play. Myla is happy to meet anyone who comes in the door and is not shy or skittish even in new situations. The CH has a variable impact on her mobility from a very clumsy unsteady gait with many tumbles when she is unfocused or playing, to a good confident strong walk when she is determined to move. She loves to attack a small cat tree and has shown a lot of interest in climbing. She enjoys all kinds of toys and wrestling with her sister.

Ali has striking green eyes and fabulous ear tufts that will charm anyone, but she really doesn’t need help. This girl is always ready to have fun and enjoys toys, running around the room, and attacking an unsuspecting foot or ankle on occasion. She is happy to get pets and loves people, but is a little more independent than her sister. For Ali, CH has had a moderate impact on her mobility, though she doesn’t let this slow her down. Her run, which is similar to an unsteady bunny hop, will sometimes cause her to tumble, but she is up in no time and continues to scamper around the room. Her walk is fairly consistent, looking a bit like a cowboy swagger. Ali is famous for her love of a good ambush, but her head bobble when she’s excited takes away a bit of the surprise.


Interested in Adopting Myla and Ali?

Please send your completed adoption questionnaire to Susan Bark at Susan can also be reached at 360-926-8462.