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Please Help Purrfect Pals Provide Ear Surgery for Two Very Special Cats!

Please Help Purrfect Pals Provide Ear Surgery for Two Very Special Cats!

Two very special Purrfect Pals cats are hurting and in desperate need of medical care for their ears.

Ten year old Marz and seven year old Balthazar both have long histories of painful ear infections that have not responded to antibiotics or other medications.

Balthazar is one of the most laid back and friendly cats you will ever meet. He is a big boy with HUGE paws and looks like a cross between a lion and a german shepherd. He acts very dog like and has never met a stranger!

Balthazar has been diagnosed with ceruminous gland hyperplasia, a condition in which the ear wax glands become large and inflamed. This results in multiple purple nodules within the ear canal. The growths are benign, but they result in recurrent ear infections and, in Balthazar’s case, middle ear disease.

The only way to prevent ongoing pain and infections in Balthazar’s ears is to do a total ear canal ablation and bulla osteotomy. This is a big surgery in which the ear canal is removed. He will definitely need the surgery on his right ear, which he can’t currently hear out of. We are hoping we can save his left ear since he still has some hearing in it.

We will be also be sending Marz to a specialist for CT scans and surgery to determine and treat the underlying causes of his infections and inflammation. While he is under anesthesia, the veterinarian will evaluate and flush out his ear canals, surrounding structures and middle ears and use video-otoscopy to sample any abnormal tissue. It will be determined after this procedure if Marz will require surgery similar to the one we know Balthazar needs.

Marz is a friendly and curious boy who we would love to see in a forever home. We are anxious to get him the medical care he needs so he can be cleared for adoption soon!

Your gift can help us pay for Marz and Balthazar’s surgeries and imaging plus medical expenses and ongoing care here in our Purrfect Pals clinic.

Please give or share our campaign today. We think these sweet boys are well worth the expense and hope you agree!


IMG_00111/14/16 Update:

We are happy to report that Balthazar made it through his surgery at VCA’s Veterinary Specialty Hospital (Love them!) and is now recovering comfortably back at our shelter. Marz had his first procedure and it was determined that he does need the same major surgery that Balthazar did. He is scheduled for surgery and we sure could use more help paying for their expenses! Please visit our Marz and Balthazar fundraising page today to give or share. Thank you!