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Polaris, a Special Needs Kitty, Finds the Purrfect Family!

Polaris, a Special Needs Kitty, Finds the Purrfect Family!

Polaris is a very special kitty who is enthusiastic about life – food, play, purring, snuggling, napping, it’s all good! He does have some significant challenges but is undeterred by them.Polaris is visually impaired and has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which adds an adorable waddle to his walk. He also has a history of seizures, making him a bit more of a special needs kitty than some.

Polaris was found in 2013 when he was a few weeks old, bottle fed, and then taken to a local shelter at 5 months old. Because Purrfect Pals specializes in special needs kitties, he was transferred to us, spent time in foster care, and was later adopted. Polaris returned to Purrfect Pals after he was attacked during a seizure by the resident dog and needed immediate medical attention.

Jonathan and Heather saw his story and were looking for an adult cat to adopt and open to one with special needs. They already had a little waddler (from a chip in his spinal column, not CH), and a cat friendly dog. Because of Polaris‘ history, we allowed them to do a 30-day foster trial. Polaris and the dog were snuggling almost immediately and the 2 wobbly kitties are already fast friends. After just two weeks, Heather and Jonathan knew they wanted to adopt and make Mr P their own. Judging by this update from his new family, Polaris has found his purrfect forever home!

After a few hours of settling in, Polaris was calm so we let our pets come up to the doors of our bedroom to peek in. There was no hissing, no growling, and they were all very interested! Though we made our regular pets sleep outside the bedroom, we did allow introductions while we watched carefully.

Polaris 3He’s the most relaxed cat in the entire world and our pets aren’t phased by anything, really. Lewis and Clark are still trying to figure him out – lots of smelling, some attempts at play that he doesn’t get. It’s really cute. And! We figured out he /can/ do stairs with no problem.

He’s getting along great with everyone! We have some really cute videos of him figuring out how to play with different toys.

He’s learned the lay of the land and will not stand for being confined to one room anymore! He’s a chatty boy and will let you know when he’s lonely. He follows us from room to room by our voices. It’s super cute.

Polaris 2Jonathan and I always said we have two Velcro cats and a Velcro dog. Today, he texted me “we have four Velcro pets.”

More of his personality shines through every day. Lewis and Clark have taken him under their wing fully, teaching him how to play. We were always afraid that since Lewis and Clark are so bonded, Polaris would always be on the outskirts (with Kaiser, who is hands down his personal favorite).

We took him to our vet today who told us that we should be very diligent about his oral care, since he’s not a good candidate for anesthesia so in older age probably couldn’t get cleanings. We already bought him his own toothbrush. (We have to brush Clark’s teeth due to his jaw being broken as a kitten so we are no strangers to this.)

Polaris sleeps in the middle of our bed every night all night. We really, really love him.

Polaris and Family