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PURRFECT ENDINGS: After Over a Year, Second Chances for Baby Kitty and Eleanor Poly!

PURRFECT ENDINGS: After Over a Year, Second Chances for Baby Kitty and Eleanor Poly!

Seven year-old Baby Kitty is an adorable, black and white fluff ball and her BFF, ten-year old Eleanor Poly is a gorgeous, polydactyl, house panther. These beautiful cats were surrendered to Purrfect Pals over a year ago, in March of 2016 when their owner moved out of state. Sadly, after coming to us, Eleanor was diagnosed with small cell lymphoma, which has an average 1.5 – 2 year life expectancy after diagnosis.

In order to manage Ellie’s lymphoma, we placed the girls in foster care in December 2016, where Ellie received her daily prednisalone and twice weekly chemotherapy. We were hoping to get them adopted straight out of their foster home and thanks to the power of social media, we did!

We knew it would take really special people to adopt these girls, knowing that Ellie’s time is short and that Baby was going to lose her BFF and need lots of love and support when that happens. Kelly and Renee were interested in the kitties after seeing our posts about them on Facebook. Two weeks ago they came and spent several hours with the girls. Though they fell hard for them, they needed to think about what taking them home would mean and be sure they were ready for them. Today Baby and Eleanor went home with Renee and Kelly! This wonderful couple want to make sure Ellie and Baby’s time together is full of love and joy, and that Ellie has the best care possible during her remaining year(s). They know Ellie will be gone ahead of Baby and are prepared to support Baby and give her all the TLC she needs when she loses her best friend. Foster mom Bilyana will miss these adorable girls but knowing they are in kind hands and a forever home makes it easier. The reality of fostering is that if things go well, we have to say goodbye when our fosters’ are ready for their permanent homes, no matter how much we love our foster babies. (Of course, Bilyana, Ellie and Baby had some extra snuggles before saying goodbye!)

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