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Purrfect Pals Cats and Kittens are Taking Over the Internet!

Purrfect Pals Cats and Kittens are Taking Over the Internet!

Can’t get enough of cat videos on the internet? We’ve got you covered! As fans of Foster Dad John’s beloved “Critter Room” kitten cam are aware, we love watching Purrfect Pals cats and kittens online!

Now you can also watch the cats in the Purrfect Pals Leukemia Land Sanctuary thanks to our new 24/7 live streaming, powered by MeShare technology! Thanks to the generosity of our friends at MeShare, we have two new high-quality web cams in our Leuki Land.

Visit today for links to the live streaming. Rumor has it we will also be adding an outdoor camera so you can watch the cats and kittens in Leuki Land play out in their enclosed yard this summer!

You can watch the MeShare Leuki Cam live on your computer and most of your mobile devices. MeShare’s mobile app is available for iPhone and Android.

Homepage3You can also use robotic toys to remotely play with the cats and kittens who live in our Leukemia Land Sanctuary! Every day is a party for these wild and crazy kitties and the new Purrfect Pals iPet Companion Leuki Cam lets you join the fun in real-time (and for free!).

The link to the iPet camera feed is also available at

Now Foster Dad John isn’t our only foster parent with a live kitten cam! Craig and Margie Thorngren, who have fostered more than fifty (Wow!) litters of kittens for Purrfect Pals, also have a new MeShare camera and are generously streaming their foster room 24/7.

We are extremely grateful to MeShare, iPet Companion and an anonymous donor for providing this great technology to Purrfect Pals (along with hosting and tech support!) free of charge.

Untitled-1We hope that the Leuki Cams will be not only fun and entertaining for viewers, but also educational. We also think we will be able to increase donations to Purrfect Pals, adoptions and public awareness by giving such an open and honest look inside our sanctuary for special needs cats. This is definitely unscripted “Reali-kitty television.” Yes, those who tune in will see adorable, fluffy cats and kittens playing. However, viewers may also see cats who aren’t feeling well due to Feline Leukemia or our employees pilling cats with sniffles and bathing grumpy cats who have ringworm. These are regular occurances in a shelter environment and could be tough to watch. Rest assured, though, that the cute moments outnumber the sad ones!

In the words of Foster Dad John, enjoy the cam and have a nice day!

P.S. The Leukemia Land kitties asked us to let you know that they added some fun toys, beds and other items for their room to our Wishlist. Hopefully you will see them on the Leuki Cam soon! A link to the wish list is available at

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