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Purrfect Pals Receives an Amazing Gift for our Sanctuary’s Veterinary Clinic!

Purrfect Pals Receives an Amazing Gift for our Sanctuary’s Veterinary Clinic!

At Purrfect Pals, we believe that each and every cat matters and our highest priority is taking in the cats and kittens who need us most… those that other Puget Sound shelters and rescue groups might not have the resources to help. This includes older cats, cats with major medical needs, cats with chronic illnesses (including FIV and Feline Leukemia) and those with behavioral challenges. Cats who are not easily adoptable have a forever home in our sanctuaries. In order to care for these special cats, Purrfect Pals has a full-service veterinary clinic at our Arlington sanctuary. Staffed by a full-time and part-time relief Veterinarians, a Clinic Manager, a Licensed Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Assistants, our clinic provides a wide range of care including routine and specialty surgeries.

For procedures we are unable to provide in-house, Purrfect Pals pays to send cats to outside clinics. One service we must rely completely on outside clinics to provide is imaging. When a cat has an illness or injury that requires an X-Ray or Ultrasound, we needed to schedule an appointment and drive them to a hospital in Seattle, Everett or Lynnwood. As you can imagine, this level of care does not come cheap. Veterinary clinic supplies and services are by far the largest of our expenses and we rely on donations to continue providing them. More importantly, not having imaging equipment onsite means that cats might not receive care as quickly as we would like.

Julie, one of our wonderful team members, was determined to find a solution that would allow us to provide imaging in our Purrfect Pals Clinic so that sick and injured cats could quickly receive the medical care they deserve. She wrote letters to companies and manufacturers who provide X-Ray and Ultrasound equipment asking if they would help. We were amazed when we heard back from the staff at Sound, a VCA Company in California! They had never taken taken on a project like this but were determined to donate a complete X-Ray system (and free tech support!) to Purrfect Pals.

We are so excited to share that last week a digital radiography generator, a portable X-Ray generator and an X-Ray table were delivered to our sanctuary. This week, Chris from Sound traveled to Arlington to install the equipment and provide training for our clinic staff! This amazing donation from Sound is valued at over $80,000. We can’t begin to tell you how very grateful we are for this extremely generous gift!

In addition to the donated equipment and services, we were thrilled to receive a framed photograph of the team at Sound (a VCA Company) who made this generous donation possible. All of the employees signed a special plaque, which is now proudly displayed in our X-Ray Room. Dana Taylor, Sound’s Production Manager shared, “This has been a very satisfying project to work on. It was a labor of love and we are all very proud with what we did and to hear you are all pleased. We have approximately 100 people at our corporate headquarters in Carlsbad and everyone is excited for Purrfect Pals and the future. We would all like to thank Julie for her inquiry which started it all!

Thank you SO MUCH to the cat lovers at Sound who made this possible and to Julie for writing the letter that started it all! Thanks to them, thousands of Puget Sound cats who matter, including those with special needs, will receive the care they deserve.

Would you like to help us provide safety equipment for the new X-Ray system? Please visit our Amazon Wish List to order a gift card we can use to purchase protective aprons and gloves for our clinic staff members!