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Some heroes save the day dressed in security guard uniforms. Just ask Taser, a very lucky six-week-old kitten whose origin story almost ended very badly. While on patrol, our hero found a man who was about to throw him off of a bridge. He stepped in and used his taser on the man in order to get the kitten away from him.

Some heroes come to the rescue wearing hard hearts. Rosé and Merlot were abandoned on a construction site when they were only a few days old. A hero rushed them to Purrfect Pals for bottle feeding and much-needed medical care. Now five weeks old, they are thriving in foster care.

Other heroes, like the ones at Purrfect Pals, suit up in scrubs or a volunteer shirt when using their superpowers to give second chances to the neediest of kittens.

We are celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Purrfect Pals this year and are amazed by how much has changed in our community since 1988. Things are vastly different than three decades ago when Kathy, our founder, ignored those who said it was impossible and used her superpowers to open the northwest’s first no-kill cat sanctuary.

Low-cost spay and neuter efforts have dramatically reduced the number of healthy, adoptable cats and kittens ending up in Washington State shelters and euthanasia rates are at an all-time low. So low, in fact, that animal welfare organizations are now working together to relocate homeless pets to the Puget Sound Region from states continuing to struggle with overpopulation.

We are making incredible progress, but there is still much work to be done. Now more than ever, we need our community’s support. Yes, fewer unwanted kittens are arriving on our doorstep, but the ones who do find their way to Purrfect Pals are in worse shape and need more help. Cats and kittens with special medical and behavioral needs are still at risk of being euthanized in area shelters and they remain our highest priority.

Even the most talented and passionate of superheroes need help from their sidekicks and Purrfect Pals is no different.

Please join us in this fight by investing in our mission to end cat and kitten homelessness and giving a gift today… Because Every Cat and Kitten Matters.