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A PURRFECT ENDING: The Fourth Time’s the Charm for Linus Sven!

A PURRFECT ENDING: The Fourth Time’s the Charm for Linus Sven!

Linus 3Linus Sven was adopted from and returned to Purrfect Pals three times. This striking 6-year-old orange tabby has a history of bladder stones and other urinary health issues. Because of this, he isn’t always reliable about using a litterbox. He came back to us in March 2014 and became a resident in our Rec Room. It is home to a wonderful, motley assortment of cats. Some of the cats in the Rec Room have behavioral issues that make them poor candidates for adoption, even though the cats themselves may be very sweet.

Recently, all the stars aligned for our special boy and he was adopted this month by a wonderful Purrfect Pals volunteer who was determined not to give up on him!

Check out this fantastic message we received tonight from his mom Amy:

Linus2“Hi there! My boyfriend and I adopted Linus Sven 2 weeks ago now, and wanted to share our update! Linus came with a history of inappropriate urination, which we were well aware of, but we were so in love with him that we had to take a chance! He had a couple of accidents the first day, which we followed with two extra litter boxes (3 total), and Cat Attract cat litter. Since then, we have had no accidents at all, and are rewarded with purring and headbutts. He is the happiest, sweetest cat we’ve ever met. Thank you, Purrfect Pals, for our new family member!”

We are so thrilled for Linus and his new mom & dad, and we’re thankful to all of you who support Purrfect Pals so we can continue finding homes for these very special kitties. We believe that EVERY cat is adoptable. Some just need a little bit longer than others to find that purrfect match!