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The Weather Outside is Frightful for Homeless Cats and Kittens. Let’s Change That!

snow-kittenThe Weather Outside is Frightful… 

…especially for the thousands of unwanted cat and kittens in the Puget Sound Region. They are homeless, abandoned, abused or neglected and they share the same holiday wish – a home where they will be wanted and cherished.

Please consider giving a year-end gift to Purrfect Pals so that, together, we can change the lives of cats in need. Help us find warm and loving homes for those who are on the streets or in a shelter. Help us provide high quality care for cats and kittens with medical and behavioral challenges at our sanctuary and in our foster homes.

Your gift can also help us keep cats and kittens in their homes with the families who love them. In addition to caring for cats and matching them with adopters, Purrfect Pals provides resources for low-income cat owners in the Puget Sound Region who are faced with the most difficult of decisions… how to care for their beloved pets after losing a job, paying for unexpected medical expenses or losing their home. Our pet food bank, free spay and neuter vouchers and veterinary expense assistance fund were created to help families get through these tough times without giving up their feline companions.​

If you’ve experienced the companionship of a cat or kitten, you know the gift of unconditional love they bring and how fulfilling our lives become when they are a part of it. Won’t you help others in our community experience that same joy and friendship with a special gift of your own?

image002Please visit today to donate your tax-deductible, year-end gift with a just a few clicks…

…Because Every Cat Matters.