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We Can’t Believe These Boys are Still Waiting for a Forever Home!

We Can’t Believe These Boys are Still Waiting for a Forever Home!

Oscar and Mao just can’t seem to catch a break! They have been adopted and returned to Purrfect Pals three times (Yes, THREE times!) even though they are wonderful cats! These brothers first came to Purrfect Pals in 2005 as cute little kittens and were quickly adopted. Sadly, they were returned in 2012 when personal problems left their family unable to keep them.

Adopted again in 2013, they were then returned in 2015 because they were too stressed out in an overactive household with active kids and other animals. We thought they had finally found their forever home later that year, but they were quickly dumped at the adopter’s girlfriend’s mother’s house. We don’t really know what happened there but we did learn there was a dog in that house the boys did not adjust well to.

Oscar and Mao need a family committed to keeping them FOREVER, no matter what. They are two of the most loving and truly bonded cats we have ever seen. They will give their people a ton of love in return for a home with minimal stress, lots of affection, a few cozy napping spots and no dogs, please.

Oscar and Mao love other cats! They are very submissive and enjoy snuggling up with their kitty roommates at the shelter. Mao enjoys reading the newspaper and curling up in a warm lap on a cold rainy day. Oskar loves running up and down hallways and bird watching. Both are affectionate, quiet, loving gentlemen looking for a quiet, safe home where they can spend the rest of their lives together free of small children, dogs, and stress. They would love to sit in laps, cuddle, snuggle, ankle rub, head butt and generally show their undying affection to the family willing to give them another chance at happiness.

Both of these boys received some medical treatment since returning to Purrfect Pals. Oscar had progressive pigmentation of the iris of his left eye, which can progress to a malignant conditon, so his left eye was removed. Losing his eye has not slowed Oscar down or stopped him from being one of the sweetest cats on earth, though. Mao had an abdominal mass which was aspirated and revealed to be a lipoma (a benign fatty tumor). Their senior blood screens are within normal limits, though, and they have the energy levels of cats half their age!

Would you like to come visit Oscar and Mao to find out if they are the purr-fect matches for you and your home? Please contact us at!