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UPDATED: Thank You for Helping Purrfect Pals Save Autumn Surprise!

UPDATED: Thank You for Helping Purrfect Pals Save Autumn Surprise!

Poor Autumn Surprise had a tough morning. A kind cat lover found her on the side of the road in rough shape and brought her to Purrfect Pals for help since this sweet and feisty kitten clearly been hit by a car.

Autumn SurpriseWe rushed Autumn to the emergency clinic and they discovered she has several injuries including a concussion, broken leg and damaged eye. She will be staying overnight in the ER since the care she requires is above and beyond what we can provide in the Purrfect Pals clinic. The emergency veterinarians are optimistic that Autumn will survive but she will need to have her broken leg amputated. We are hoping to save her injured eye but she might end up needing to have it removed as well.

Autumn Surprise Before SurgeryYour gift can help us pay for Autumn’s surgery plus medical expenses and ongoing care here in our Purrfect Pals clinic. Please give or share our campaign today! We think she is well worth the expense and hope you agree!

Please give or share our campaign today. THANK YOU!

Autumn 58/26 UPDATE:  Autumn came home from the ER this morning and is now resting comfortably in our Purrfect Pals clinic. Dr Gray sedated her, wrapped her broken leg for support and gave her some strong pain medication. Tomorrow, Dr Gray will be amputating Autumn’s broken leg because the fracture is too severe to repair. Please send Autumn warm, healing thoughts!

9/2 UPDATE: Our favorite little three-legged kitten is continuing to do well! She went to a foster home today (Thorngren Foster Kittens) to continue her recovery. She’s still wearing a cone but is bandage free. She is healing well but working on relearning to use the litter box now that she is missing a leg. We love you, Autumn!

10/22 UPDATE: Autumn Surprise was adopted! Here are some photos of her in her new home:

Autumn Autumn 5 Autumn 2