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Will You Help Purrfect Pals Provide Second Chances for Kittens Like Edward?

Will You Help Purrfect Pals Provide Second Chances for Kittens Like Edward?

By the end of April, our shelter expansion construction project will be completed and we will have moved into our brand new building’s cat rooms and adoption center! This new space will allow us to care for up to 100 more cats and kittens at a time and keep them even healthier and happier. The timing could not be better because Kitten Season has returned and there are many sick, hungry and scared homeless cats and kittens in the Puget Sound Region who desperately need second chances.

Edward and his sister, Emma, were surrendered to a local animal shelter after Edward’s leg was broken. This shelter did not have funds available to provide the medical care Edward would need and, had Purrfect Pals not stepped in to help, euthanasia would have been their only option. Edward ended up needing to have his leg amputated and spent several weeks recovering in a foster home after surgery. This care came with a high price tag but we believe this sweet kitten was worth it. Edward and Emma have since been adopted and are thriving thanks to the second chances Purrfect Pals was able to provide for them. They now live with a family who adores them and thinks Edward is perfect just the way he is. They can’t imagine a world without him in it.

This year, Purrfect Pals will spend approximately $4,600 a day to keep our doors open and ensure we can provide the medical care, food and shelter needed for each and every cat and kitten that finds its way to our door. This daily expense can increase drastically when a special kitten like Edward arrives in need of emergency treatment.

We hope to be able to welcome each and every one of these special kittens with open arms in 2017. We won’t be able to do that without your help, however.

Please open your heart and wallet today and give as generously as you are able. Together, we can provide the medical care, food and love that these kitties will need…

Because Every Kitten Matters and Every Kitten Deserves a Second Chance.