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Will You Provide Second Chances for Cats Rescued from a House of Horrors?

Will You Provide Second Chances for Cats Rescued from a House of Horrors?

Yesterday, Purrfect Pals took in ten cats from our amazing friends at Pasado’s Safe Haven. The cruelty investigation team from Pasado’s removed 23 cats and kittens from a devastating hoarding situation in Coulee City and reached out to us for help since they knew we could provide the medical care and rehabilitation these cats desperately need. Words cannot adequately describe the horror Pasado’s employees and volunteers found in the home. The cats who had not already starved to death are severely dehydrated and many have major medical needs. Most are scared and traumatized and all will need extensive care.

Our veterinary clinic team is still evaluating them but, so far, all the cats we have tested appear to have feline leukemia (FeLV). Fortunately for them, we have a sanctuary here at Purrfect Pals (“Leuki Land”) where they will be able to live if we are not able to place them in homes. At least two kitties also has feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and another will need surgery to remove an infected eye. This gray guy has a metal BB in his abdomen and two of his friends have a hernia and possible tumor. At least two need major dental work and none of the cats weigh more than five pounds. The list goes on and on but we are committed to doing whatever it takes to make them healthy.

Will you please help us provide second chances for these poor kitties by donating or sharing this link today? Any funds raised which are not needed to provide care for these specific cats will be used for other Purrfect Pals cats and kittens with major medical needs.

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