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YOUR DOLLARS AT WORK… Meet Marshawn, Sylvia and Bobby!

YOUR DOLLARS AT WORK… Meet Marshawn, Sylvia and Bobby!
YOUR DOLLARS AT WORK… We’ve had a very busy week at Purrfect Pals! In addition to caring for the eleven cats we took in from an abandoned house, we have taken in several new special needs kitties. Marshawn (upper right photo) arrived last night with a broken jaw from a traumatic injury. We rushed him down to the emergency room at Diamond Veterinary Associates and they jumped in to wire his jaw back together. Poor guy! He is now resting comfortably in our clinic. Fourteen year old Sylvia was brought in by the landlord of her owner, who had been evicted and could not keep her. Sylvia (upper left photo) is suffering from a severe skill condition that will need treatment from a dermatologist. She sure is sweet, though, and we are happy she is here! At the opposite end of the age spectrum is our first bottle baby of the year. Bobby is ten days old and came from a home with too many kitties. He is suffering from severe flea anemia so his condition is guarded but we are going to give him the best chance we can! He is headed for a foster home where he will be bottle fed around the clock.


Would you like to help us pay for the medical care these three special kitties will need? Please visit today to donate. Thank you!
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