Concur Technologies Cares!

Concur Technologies in Bellevue allows their employees one day each quarter (known as “Concur Cares Day”) to volunteer their time at a local non-profit organization. Here are one of our volunteers, Michele, and six of her co-workers who donated their time for this quarter to volunteer at our main shelter in Arlington on Friday. Michelle shared:

“I cannot tell you how much fun we always have volunteering at Purrfect Pals, and can see the passion each person has for the cats. It was amazing to get a tour of the new building and hear about their long-term plans for the shelter buildings overall! Since it was a beautiful day, we spent the majority of our time helping landscape and plant new green-life around the building – and we even had an audience from the cats watching us from their catios! Next, we were able to move desks and office supplies out of the main reception area and into the new offices located in the new building. We had such a blast and Austin helped end our visit by giving us a tour of each of the cat rooms and letting us play with the kitties. Amongst our group were three summer interns who are finishing up their college degrees – they were amazed at the organization, passion and compassion for the cats and had a great time learning about the welfare of animals.”

A giant thank you to everyone who volunteered and to Concur Technologies for supporting their community!

Would you and your coworkers like to give your time to help us save cats and kittens? Please email us at!