Hoku Cheerio

Sanctuary: Clinic & Infirmary
ID: 34661
Gender: Male
Birthday: 07/16/2013
Status:  Available for Sponsorship or Special Placement

Hoku was adopted from Purrfect Pals as a kitten and returned when his family became overwhelmed by his medical needs. Hoku was having seizures and needed specialized diagnostics to find out the cause and then time to get his medications balanced properly. He has not had a seizure in quite a long time but still requires long term medication with Zonisamide. It couldn’t be more simple, it’s one tablet orally, daily. Because of his medical issues, he is eligible for permanent foster for his seizures, with his meds supplied by our shelter clinic in Arlington. He will need vet checkups every 6 months to monitor the phenobarbital levels in his blood. Hoku uses his litter box just fine, enjoys the company of other cats and is happiest lazing about in one of his cozy beds. He is such a heavy sleeper that sometimes when you try to wake him up, he’ll snooze right through it! Hoku is affectionate, easy-going and really wants to be around people. More than anything, he needs a real home, with his very own, special people to love and cherish him.

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