• Sanctuary: Infirmary
  • ID: 32056
  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: 07/02/2005
  • Status:  Available for Sponsorship or Special Placement

Knox came to Purrfect Pals after his lifelong owners had to move to an apartment that did not allow any animals. Knox is a big, gorgeous, black cat who adores attention! Knox is not a fan of being picked up or held, but can be convinced to sit on a lap after he warms up to you He will often try to climb into your lap no matter where you are, and will even politely put a paw on your arm to let you know he is ready for pets! Knox is diabetic, and requires ongoing medication to help him stay healthy! Knox is also overweight, so we encourage lots of playtime, and also limiting his treats. Knox is very vocal and loves to have conversations with anyone who is willing to listen! While this sweet boy is waiting for a new family, would you like to become his monthly sponsor?

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