Sanctuary: Leukemia Land Sanctuary
ID: 34601
Gender: Male
Birthday: 05/05/2012
Status:  Available for Sponsorship or Special Placement

Louis came to Purrfect Pals after ending up in a shelter in Eastern Washington. He tested positive for Feline Leukemia and currently lives in our Leuki Land Sanctuary. Louis is very sweet and shy but doesn’t like to be picked up. He is scared easily and doesn’t like sudden movements which will make him go hide. However, if you walk up to him slowly he may let you pet him down his back and he will turn around and let you pet his head and cheeks. He realizes that he really likes the petting and will lay down and roll on his side for more. You can tell he has trust issues but he is getting better every day and just needs patience and quiet slow movements around him. He likes to play with wand and string toys so he doesn’t have to get too close but still gets to play. While this sweet guy waits for his forever home, would you consider becoming his sponsor?

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