Sockless in Seattle

Dear Tabby,

I have a cat named Sissy who keeps stealing my socks! It was a mystery at first – I kept leaving my clean laundry in a basket in the wash room for day or two before folding it and finding that half the socks were missing by the time I got down to work. I checked the washer, I checked the dryer – nowhere to be found! Then one day I caught Sissy in action, pulling socks out of the basket and trotting them off to a hiding place in the garage. When I looked in there, sure enough – a pile of socks! I threw them back in the wash, but within a week, she’d managed to steal them away again. She appears to be nesting. Is she about to lay eggs and have chickens?

Signed, Sockless in Seattle

Dear Sockless,

First of all, let me begin by reassuring you that the chances your cat is about to give birth to a group of baby chickens (delightfully called a “peep of chicks,” by the way) is extremely remote. In fact, I’m going to go with “utterly impossible,” though it should be noted that I am not a scientist.

It sounds to me like your cat just really likes to snuggle up with your socks, which, frankly, I find quite sweet, though I can see why you humans, with your woefully hairless paws, might prefer having a full set of socks to select from each morning. If you want this behavior to stop, you might try helping her finish up her nest with a set of socks you’re willing to part with, or make her a bed out of something similar (are they wool socks? Got an old wool sweater you might like to donate to her efforts?). Of course, the other option would be to quit being so lazy about putting away your laundry after wash day, but I don’t want to sound judgmental or anything. Regardless, your letter made me laugh, so triple points to you, my friend. Good luck!

Love and nose boops,
Tabigail van Purrin’

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