Kitten Cam Fans to the Rescue!

Purrfect Pals has the greatest friends EVER! On Tuesday, we received a call from an overcrowded shelter in Las Vegas. They had just taken in a cat named Sandy, whose owner had passed away, and her microchip showed she had been adopted from Purrfect Pals ten years ago. Because of her age and the overwhelming number of homeless cats coming into this shelter daily, the cards were stacked against Sandy. Needless to say, the clock was ticking and we were very anxious to get her back to our no-kill shelter as soon as possible.

Foster Dad John, who fosters kitties for Purrfect Pals and shares them online via his 24/7 kitten cam, has cat loving fans all around the world. We posted a note in The Critter Room chat feed asking if anyone in the Las Vegas area would be willing to help us by picking up Sandy and fostering her until we could figure out how to get her back to Seattle.

We were overwhelmed by offers! Within a few hours, we made arrangements for Anne, who lives in Las Vegas, to pick up Sandy on Wednesday morning and take her home. Wendy, who volunteers for Purrfect Pals, immediately bought a plane ticket and took a vacation day from work so she could fly to Las Vegas today. Anne delivered Sandy to Wendy at the airport and they are now on their way back to SeaTac, where another volunteer, Janet, will meet them when the plane lands at 9:30, take Sandy home for the night and then drive her to Purrfect Pals up in Arlington tomorrow.

We are so incredibly grateful to Anne, Wendy and Janet for going above and beyond to save Sandy. Little did this sweet little vintage kitty know that she had friends all around the globe!